Caricatures - Art instruction - watercolor & ACRYLIC painting

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welcome to a selection of my work over the years

In addition to viewing my work on the right, you can also click here and see even more of my artwork on my art show / special project page

On this page you will find some of my oil and watercolor paintings, cartooning, and illustration I have done over the years. Please browse my work. You can click on any thumbnail to see an enlarged version and description of the art. You can also view all as a slideshow.

You can purchase a print of many of these paintings. 8"x10" prints are just $12. These are limited edition prints that are signed and numbered. Prices include postage and sales tax. Many are of popular central Illinois scenes. Click here to email me and I will make arrangements to get you your artwork.

There are also several examples of my artwork from the Captain Jinks show that I demonstrated for the viewers. This art is not for sale.

You will also see examples of my pet art. I would be honored to do a painting of your pet. 11"x14" paintings run $125. Click here to email me some pictures and I will get started.

I am happy to consider any special project you have in mind. Perhaps you are interested in a painting of your home or garden. Maybe a portrait or caricature of a special person in your life is something you have in mind. Contact me and let's get to work!

I hope you enjoy my artwork. Email me at if you have any questions.